Thursday, January 11, 2007

Alwyn Put Me In a Head Lock Until I Screamed for Mercy....

I’ve been getting TONS of questions from people about our upcoming launch. One of the big questions is:

“What is the price on this?”

Now I’m still working on the final website, bonus surprises and more – however, I do want to address your “price” concerns right up front (I can tell you – you definitely won’t have to go out and get a second job).

But before we get specifically into price, I want to tell you that this information is positively NOT for everyone.

It IS for you if you’re already have some type of fitness training business – whether it’s bootcamps, a personal training studio, or even if you work for a health club. If that’s the case, I can promise you it will revolutionize the way you conduct business and make it run smoother than a baby’s bottom.

It’s an absolute “no-brainer” shoe in! (Unless you have a ‘know-it-all’ ‘seen-it-all’ attitude.) Or you like to whine and complain. If this is the case, please please do us BOTH a favor and stop reading right now and allow someone else grab your copy so they can fine tune their fitness business.

It is ALSO for you if you’re a Fitness Pro newbie but extremely serious about building an extremely lucrative business that runs like a well oiled machine. This is a golden opportunity to be provided a sure-fire shortcut and a roadmap from multiple sources who have all “done it” themselves.

So back to the original question – “What’s the price tag on this baby?”

Frankly, this is going to be one of the biggest bargains you’ve ever seen from me. I had pretty much made up my mind to initially release this package at $397 right out of the gate. As much sweat as we’ve put into it over the past year, the quality of content is worth every bit of $997, probably more – and we’re still adding to it as I’m sitting here typing to you.

But, we want it to be affordable to the fitness professionals who may be just starting out. This way they don’t have to go through trial and error and struggle to build their business first before they’re able to afford it… then after they get their hands on this powerful information, have to go back and make changes.

On the other hand, we also want it to be a noticeable chunk of change even for the veteran…


It’s simple. For one, we’ve got to cover our cost. But the MAIN reason is that this information is not just a bunch of crap shed off and packaged. We want people to put it to use. To our way of thinking, if we put a moderate price tag on it, it’s not just gonna sit on your shelf and collect dust. Anyone shelling out a few hundred bucks will be serious enough to ACTUALLY put it into action. Not only does that benefit you, it ALSO benefits us because we are absolutely 100% certain that if you put our information to work from day one, you’ll revolutionize your business in 2007… In turn, we’ll create raving fans…

But initially releasing it for $397, didn’t exactly sit well with Alwyn – In fact, he screamed and cursed at me until I gave in. He wants to make it affordable to the newbie and the seasoned veteran alike… So after ‘bickering’ about it for 30 minutes on the phone, we made a compromise…

Now, if you downloaded the free report from the other day, you saw that we’re going to release it for $197.

BUT it’ll only be available at this price for 48 hours after it’s released. Even at $197, I’m afraid some people may still toss it up on their shelves and never take action….

So… if you want to reserve your copy at the LOWEST price it’ll ever be available, you need put a radar out to watch for our emails (or bookmark this page to make sure you’re up to snuff with what’s going on)… Because once it’s released, you’ll only have 48 hours to cash in – After that, I’m upping the price. I’m not sure if I’m gonna put it at $397 immediately (it depends on whether I can get it past Alwyn), but you can count on one thing, the price is definitely going up after the first 48 hours…

I just wanted to crack the door a little, to give you a glimpse into what I’m thinking. So if you’d like to voice your opinion, please post some comments below.

And stay tuned for more updates…

I’m out… talk to ya soon,


PS - I’ve got a HUGE announcement coming in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled!

Fitness Business Revolution 2007

Ok, here we go...

Within the next few weeks, we'll be launching a new program that's guaranteed to revolutionize your fitness business from top to bottom. We can't let the cat out of the bag JUST yet exactly what it is, because we're still nailing down the final details and adding content to the program to make dang sure we cover everything there is to know about the business of fitness... We've finished a large portion of the project, and let me tell ya it's a doozy! When word started to leak out about what we were up to... fitness professionals from across the globe started emailing us wanting the details... We tried to keep it quiet for as long as we could, but we knew it wouldn't last long. So a few of our very close colleagues are 'in the know'. And when we gave them some of the details, they literally tagged it as:

"The Fitness Business Revolution of 2007"

That's right... some of the top fitness pros in the industry couldn't believe what we were up to:

I have to admit, there's few people in this industry who have my full faith and backing. Pat Rigsby is one of those people. Not only is he ridiculously knowledgeable, Pat is also extraordinarily reliable. That may seem like Business 101, but in a day and age where people talk more than they act, Pat Rigsby is a breath of fresh air.

Jim Labadie



I just had to thank you for spending the short amount of time with me on the phone! In that short time I have seriously walked away with a plan of action to start my boot camps that is guaranteed to become highly successful with barely any effort. Your ability to think about all the small details have helped me change minor details in my business with little effort yet have resulted in big return. For example, I made one small change to my membership options and make an extra $147 per client with out any extra effort at all!

The crazy thing is I learned all this info from you after only spending 30 minutes on the phone with you and reading the first two chapters of your book, 'Fitness Riches'!


Zach Even - Esh


Pat, The coaching I've received from you has dramatically changed my business and my life. You've helped me go from a dead-end job as a trainer in someone else's studio, to owning my own personal training business.

The systems you've taught me for streamlining and automating my business have been truly amazing - and highly profitable for me. So profitable, I not only don't have to train clients myself anymore...

...I've been freed up to start other businesses! Thank you for your help and guidance. It's been an amazing ride.


In the coming days, as the release date nears, you'll begin to hear more about the details right here at the Official 2007 Fitness Business Revolution Blog. Here's to the beginning of your 2007 business success!
Pat Rigsby
P.S. Like I said, we're still putting the final pieces together and want to make sure we cover everything, so if you'd like to help with the project as it draws near, please post a comment about the biggest obstacle you faced in 2006 - this way we can make sure you BLAST through it with ease in 2007.